We’re not just Tucson’s most trusted coins hop, we’re the most fun!

Arizona Coins and Collectibles is home to one of Southern Arizona’s largest and best weekly bid boards, closing on Saturdays at 11:30 AM.

For those unfamiliar with the bid board concept, simply put it is a silent auction, bidders using an assigned “bidder number” and writing their bid on the lot’s card. It is simple, quick and fun. Our auction board features a great selection of United States and world coins, banknotes, tokens, medals and “odd and curious” money with over 370 different lots every week in a clean, well-lit format, properly graded and arranged, for ease in locating exactly what the collector is searching for, from the standard items to the highly unusual.

We feature several boards of U.S. coins and notes of all periods and price ranges, a “Bullion Board” with affordable silver coins with many priced at below the value of bullion (or “melt” price), and a great selection of foreign coins. Our emphasis is on material for the collector, beginning to advanced. Many pleasant surprises can be found among the material offered.

Saturdays at 11:30 AM, the boards close and a new set of boards replaces them immediately and runs for that week to close the following Saturday. Generally bidders arrive before 11:30 AM to bid, check on the material of their interest, and after close, to examine the new boards while winning lots are totaled. The bid board is a great way to build or add to a collection over time. We actively ask for customer’s input about what material to offer on our bid boards, and constantly present new material. Telephone bids are accepted up to 11:20 AM, giving an extra bit of time and convenience for research, checking want lists, etc.

Stop in and we can explain our simple, easy, clear rules and can register you as a bidder. We strive to make collecting a pleasant and worthwhile experience for collectors of all levels. Come and see our auction/bid boards and discover why everyone says, “The trip was “worth it!”

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